TL;DR: We created the first-ever horror film festival on vine – a Film Festival of Tiny Proportions – featuring 31 six-second films in 31 days to help Tombstone build top-of-mind awareness through share of voice during its biggest season of the year. The results were scary good.

Challenge: Halloween is one of the biggest pizza-eating days of the year. Think about it – what better meal fits between parties, trick-or-treating, and parades? Tombstone wanted to bolster and extends its claim as the official pizza of Halloween by increasing its share of voice and engagement during the Halloween season.

The Work: The challenge was tough – Tombstone operates in a commoditized category filled with formidable competitors. But we knew what to do. Tombstone knows itself and its target – the mom who’d rather be done with dinner so she can enjoy it with her family. Knowing the mobile-video viewing habits of this audience, we wanted to make the Friday night family tradition of pizza-and-a-movie night possible every night. We did it by bringing the films into the kitchen, via mobile video app vine, and publishing a new, free, mini horror movie every night.

The films ranged from monster problems – the trials and tribulations of being a monster in today’s modern world – to family-friendly, laughable Halloween spooky puns and jokes. Published daily across Vine, Twitter and Facebook, the series complemented Tombstones’ shopper marketing program featuring limited edition packaging and drove to store for surprises and savings.

Results: The results were compelling. Aside from gaining notoriety as a standout brand in a crowded, price-driven category in trade and advertising press, Tombstone saw a 6.5% increase in engagement with their content, and experienced one of the better Halloween sales seasons ever.