TL;DR: We used a combination of sponsorship, clever media placements, and an always-on, consumer-focused social content program to both shift to a new target buyer and lift sales.

Challenge: “Ruffles Have Ridges!” Generations know Ruffles’ tried and true slogan. Unfortunately, that’s all anyone knows about the brand. Frito-Lay challenged us to lift sales of this forgotten brand by making it the go-to chip for young millennial men. No sweat.

The Work: Working closely with our clients, we looked into the lives and minds of the young millennial male. Yes, it was scary. But it also told us a lot about their hangout habits, and how Ruffles could enhance the hangout. Through intelligence collected from primary research and social listening, we learned how our target speaks to one another and what they talk about, and we found our in. These guys like to tell one another how hard life is, emphasizing their “first world problems.” And then, their friends like to smack talk them for it.

Understanding this dynamic provided the inspiration for our cross-channel content campaign: #RoughLife. Through an always on content program, we created both real-time responsive content to tweet at individuals and broad reaching content that poked fun at millennials lamenting their first world problems. And occasionally, our content offered Ruffles as the solution to the #RoughLIfe. We complemented microcontent with original video and short form preroll that brought the #RoughLife to life on guys phones where they spent most of their time.

Results: The outcome was compelling. Through our big hits and always on pieces, we created a 57% lift in males discussing Ruffles on line in the 7-month period after #RoughtLife launched, radically shifting the makeup of their share of voice. This lead to a huge net increase in sales, attributed directly to the work done on Twitter and Facebook.