TL;DR: We created a made-for-social reality TV series staring Rold Gold Pretzel Thins to attract young millennial women back to the brand. It lifted sales 4%.

Challenge: Rold Gold needed to reposition itself from snacks for grandpas to a sensible mid-day snack option for young, professional millennial women. To help with the repositioning, Rold Gold was introducing a series of product innovations to compete in a category dominated by “pretzel crisps.”

The Work: Facebook time had replaced water cooler and smoke break time: millennial women now got their afternoon entertainment from social media. To capture their attention, entertainment purpose-made for that time could raise awareness of Rold Gold’s first new product – Pretzel thins.

To work, the content had to stand out. So, we created a serial reality drama inspired by the TV our audience loved, like Real Housewives, but about what we all really care about. Snack food. “House of Gold,” an 18-episode social content series exposing the delicious love triangle between a pretzel thin, a piece of gruyere, and a granny smith apple in tantalizing detail, introduced this new product to the world. Seriously. Cameos from the many sensible pairing options that make for healthier snacks as well as retail distributors and other Frito-Lay brands extended both the storyline and social reach via those brands’ owned social channels. Renewed for a “second season,” the campaign shifted focus to include other popular genres of entertainment to introduce other product innovations.

Results: The Pretzel Thins launch was a huge success, with directly attributable sales to prove it. “House of Gold” also won Frito-Lay’s peer-awarded “Salty Award,” which honors the best consumer creative produced across all its brands