TL;DR: We created a content campaign with an original jingle, singing spaghetti, and customized twitter-based instajingles based on people’s entries and tweets. It drove significant sales and blew away the campaign goals by over 400%.

Challenge: About to kick off its second year, Lay’s Do Us a Flavor promotion needed a big boost in participation. Entries = sales, so the more the better. Frito-Lay challenged us to double the number of entries they had received the year before.

The Work: We looked into past behavior, and an insight emerged that guided us to some pretty great content: although people wanted to enter, they tended to hit the metaphorical flavor inspiration wall – despite the fact that delicious food pics dominate social media. So our we asked: that fish taco you posted to Instagram at lunch, those leftover spare ribs you devoured last night, that mega-amazing creamed spinach you tweeted about…wouldn’t all those be yummy as a chip?

And so, “The Yummy Song” was born. We revived the beloved yet hated marketing technique—the jingle—and added a sufficient quantity of weirdness, like stop-motion singing food-faces, and voila: a YouTube video viewed over 12 million times.

But why stop at one jingle when you can make lots of jingles? Through social listening, we found and jumped into relevant Twitter conversations and delivered the first ever completely customized micro jingles—fully animated and fully tailored to single tweets.

All of this content was also supported by a daily cadence of social content designed specifically for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest that inspired people to get creative with their submissions, continually asking “wouldn’t it be yummy as a chip?”

Results: The Yummy Song and its instajingle variants destroyed every KPI goal. We completed our “double the submissions mission” in the first four weeks of the 12-week campaign, ultimately going on to quadruple the submissions from the year before. The instajingles spread virally to drive more impressions and the campaign overall returned a compelling double-digit ROI as measured by direct sales.