TL;DR: We created content to extend Lay’s “75 & Sunny” program by making 75 iconic summer moments out of Lay’s packaging and then creating a tear-jerker video, distributed by exploiting paid and earned media. The program drove significant sales, resulting in a 4.9x ROAS – a new high at the time.

Challenge: Lay’s chips are a mainstay of summer, and wanted to celebrate their 75th birthday in a big way by tapping into our collective nostalgia for summertime. They needed a program that would bring their summer shopper marketing promotion, “75 & Sunny, to life in digital media.

The Work: We recognized that a huge part of the summer experience was sharing the best moments of summer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. From the beach to the grill, the icons of summer cut deep into our love for the season. We also realized that another icon is part of this summer fun lexicon – Lay’s bright yellow packaging.

So we hand-crafted an entire summer’s worth of experiences out of Lay’s packaging and created original content out of each piece to stimulate sharing, conversation and summertime inspiration. We posted once a day for 75 days on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to celebrate all those rituals that make summer, summer. The intricate craftsmanship of each piece generated the wow effect we wanted, and inspired sharing. We soon noticed followers were inspired to make their own, so we started providing DIY how-to’s, creating a new level of brand engagement.

Then, to celebrate the bittersweet end of the season (and the campaign) we compiled our creations into a video to tell the story of a perfect, endless summer day – and the lifetime of memories Lay’s 75 & Sunny created.

Results: The campaign was an inspiring success. We set a new return on investment benchmark at Frito-Lay when we saw a 4.9x incremental return in direct sales attribution among consumers who saw Lay’s branded content on Facebook, and drove thousands of UGC posts with Lay’s at the center.