TL;DR: With the holiday season fast approaching, eBay needed to show consumers that it’s more than just the internet’s yard sale – it’s the perfect place to get the perfect gift for your someone, including a wide variety of brand new merchandise. We asked Facebook followers to wish bigger for their loved ones and showed them that when you shop on eBay, anything is possible.

Challenge: As you would expect, the holiday season is an incredibly busy and important time for eBay. And as a marketplace with millions of unique items, ranging from rare collectibles to tons of brand new merchandise, eBay has a unique ability to check off just about anyone’s wish list. We needed to spread the word.

The Work: Working with an integrated agency team led by Digitas, we encouraged our community to “Wish Bigger,” in a campaign that offered new opportunities to get great items at an amazing price, and help every step of the way – whether people were exploring at the start of the season, focused on getting the perfect gift at an incredible price, or ready to get the goods they really wanted by selling something that wasn’t quite right for them.

We also literally asked our community to “Wish Bigger” via a Facebook sweepstakes, prompting people to comment with what they are wishing for and why, as well as a link to the item on eBay. While eBay received a heap of responses to the post, we happened to draw the name of a very special young man who had wished to get his father a laptop to communicate with his family in China.

He was excited that he’d won a laptop, but he had no idea what else we had in store for him, and it was all caught on film.

Results: While the final campaign and holiday sales results are being confirmed, the video was watched more than 1.4 Million times, making it one of the most watched eBay Facebook video of all time. Additionally, we created a wide variety “Wisher Bigger” content that lived across all eBay social platforms including Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and Imgur, garnering over 100,000 unique engagements.