TL;DR: We used the cute power of kids enjoying an iconic brand to build brand preference for Chiquita. The content we produced doubled engagement and viewthrough rates making it an incredibly effective mass campaign.

Challenge: Chiquita is one of the best known brands in the world, with its famous jingle and iconic blue sticker contributing to dominant top-of-mind awareness. It turns out that that doesn’t necessarily drive preference and purchase in this commoditized category, especially amongst millennial moms that didn’t grow up with Chiquita’s commercials filling the airwaves. Chiquita needed their new “Just Smile” global campaign to connect with hard-to-reach (and convince) millennial moms.

The Work: We needed to capture moms’ discerning attention. Unlike ads, our solution had to look and feel like content Moms are attuned to. And what stops the scroll for moms more than cute kid pics. We cast real kids in a variety of fun, unskippable content that would drive equity in the brand and make the “Just Smile” campaign relevant. At the center of our content strategy was a reboot of the famous jingle written for and performed by kids. It’s a-peel was undeniable in both pre-roll and social video placements.

We followed this up with more kid-cuteness, this time in the form of kid-narrated stories we acted out in the Chiquita Puppet Theater. This series drove view through and sharing, and outperformed benchmarks.

We complemented these two efforts with inventive and engaging recipes, GIFs and riddles to create reach and equity and to support distribution partners.

Results: The hyper relevance of this work along with its thumb-stopping creative drove benchmark-breaking performance. We reached 17.2 million millennial moms and achieved a 5.6% engagement rate (double the benchmark), and a viewthrough rate of nearly 25% on YouTube (also double the benchmark).