TL;DR: EyeBuyDirect, an e-retailer of affordable prescription glasses, sought to drive brand awareness and conversion among Millennials. Moment Studio, partnering with Engine Media and Deep Focus, drove the brand to be bold and disruptive, begging the question “You change your accessories every day to suit your look and your mood, why not your glasses?” In this multichannel campaign that lead with a :30 spot for YouTube, Programmatic Video, Facebook and Instagram, we proved that owning multiple frames to change with the occasion is both accessible and fashionable.

Challenge: Drive brand awareness and conversion for EyeBuyDirect, an e-retailer of prescription eyewear, among Millennials.

The Work: For millennials, fashion is personal and personalized. Although quality is important, they aren’t as concerned with touting name brands across their chests and fast fashion has become a big part of their closet strategy.

When we looked at how our target expresses their individuality, we saw that they love to personalize their look by experimenting with accessories – jewelry, watches, shoes, kicks, hats, etc. But they weren’t experimenting with their eyewear; on average, millennials own just one pair of prescription glasses. We saw an opportunity to build brand awareness by challenging the status quo – inspiring them to think of eye wear as a fashion accessory and driving purchase by highlighting EyeBuyDirects’s variety of stylish frames and unbeatable price point.

We created a provocative campaign inspired by the seasonal trend and styling content that this group loves. At the core was showing that glasses are an essential – and fabulous – accessory that can fill out any look, not unlike any other accessory in the fast fashion cycle. Ultimately, we drove need by compelling the question: “why not have multiple, fabulous pairs of glasses?” By leveraging our price point in creative, we proved that owning multiple frames to change with the occasion, mood or season was both accessible and stylistically necessary.

Results: The campaign drove positive ROAS for the brand: between 112% – 118% for the duration of the project. Through precision media and creative content that was at home in the platforms this audience use most to hone their style, the campaign helped make Q3 2016 the best quarter in EyeBuyDirect history in terms of website sessions and revenue. The brand experienced a 22% Quarter on Quarter revenue growth and 51% Year on Year revenue growth.