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Snapchat Creative Partner: Moment Studio Named Preferred Snapchat Agency

Snapchat Creative Partner Badge designates qualified Snapchat agencyMoment Studio was today named an inaugural Snapchat Creative Partner. Only a handful of creative and production shops were designated as such. The program helps potential advertisers find partners to be their Snapchat agency partner.

“It is a huge honor to be named a Snapchat Creative Partner. It is a great testament to the interesting and innovative work we’ve done for clients on the platform, and we’re proud to be part of the elite group that will help brands get more out of this seminal and important platform” said Ken Kraemer, CEO and founder of Moment Studio.

The program includes both API partners, who will help platforms and AdTech access the inventory on Snapchat, and Creative Partners, who will help brands make Snap Ads that will be effective and work in the unique platform.

“The sensibility of Snapchat culture is very specific. The kinds of things people do, share, react to and enjoy are fairly endemic to the platform, and the best Snap Ads honor, reflect and make use of those behaviors,” added Kraemer. “Beyond the unique challenges of vertical video, we have helped many brands fit in to the platform, and so stand out. We’re proud of the results we’ve gotten on Snapchat for such brands as eBay, Nestlé/Poland Spring, Lay’s and others.”

“While we are rarely a brand’s ‘Snapchat Agency,’ we do find this specialty is valuable to brands, media agencies, and other creative agencies who need help finding success on Snapchat. We’re happy – and nimble enough – to help in this capacity.”

You can read more about this announcement in AdWeek: Snapchat Launches Ads API, Names Ads Partners, Creative Partners

You can also read more about the program here.

Moment Studio Becomes Standalone Company

Moment Studio, Deep Focus‘ content creation and distribution offering since 2012, has become a standalone content studio within global marketing services network Engine Group.

The independent offering, which is now operating under its own P&L, is being led by Ken Kraemer, most recently Deep Focus’ chief creative officer.

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