How We Help Clients Hack Native Advertising

Native Advertising has its advantages and its applications. Some of the internet’s best video and content is a result of publisher-brand collaborations; Dear Kitten still makes us smile. But does it offer more than reach and deliver true brand-building connections that drive results?

Many marketers love the idea of native advertising, citing some good reasons. First, publishers have a strong voice that their audience loves and even trusts. Second, publishers offer reach – they know their audience and, as specialists in distribution, they know how to rack up views. Third, it feels efficient – oftentimes the total buy-in isn’t much more than the cost of a big media buy. Lastly, it feels turnkey – I can get everything under one roof, with no agency intermediary to pay.

But at the end of the day, publishers are in the business of selling their audience. They aggregate it via content and then quantify it in impressions to monthly average users. Many native deals are really driven by this media model, and the creative is (still) a value add. Media sales insiders recount that their teams rarely integrate with the brand’s creative agency – before the sale, during execution, or for approval.

This means marketers could be putting the brand equity, voice and even integrity at risk; publishers typically don’t have the creative culture needed to translate brand voice and tone and key brand equities to effective and emotive work, or actively use the publication’s voice for the work. And we hear from clients that the process can be painful in absence of the account and production services they have grown accustomed to.

So how can marketers get the benefits of native advertising and the benefits of a custom creative solution that drives brand equity? Moment Studio set out to solve just this problem, and we invented Distributed Content Bundles – custom creative and media distribution in one packaged price – to do it.

There are three key things that make Distributed Content Bundles, or DCBs, the native content hack brands have been waiting for:

They are Turnkey.

Content and Media Distribution sold together in one package, provided with one team, without the weight and expense of retainers. The media plan is targeted and executed in social or open web, depending on the objective, and so delivers the same audience a publisher might promise. Just more efficiently.

They have Guaranteed Results.

The impressions, interactions and engagements are guaranteed, so you know what you’re getting.

There is One Price.

One all-in price includes the content series and the media. It is predictable and all-inclusive. The content is developed for the brand by creatives and makers with years in the advertising industry.

Moment Studio’s DCBs can reach specific audience profiles, focus on a vertical or online behavior, or can help a brand test a new social product. Or all of the above. Most importantly, DCBs deliver the benefits of both native advertising and custom content creation, allowing brands to hack the native advertising approach.

Get in touch with us to learn more about Distributed Content Bundles or other content strategies that could work for you.


Ken Kraemer is CEO and Founder of Moment Studio. He started Moment Studio to provide a high-quality, efficient way for brands to create great social content that gets equally great business results.