How will Snapchat’s Audience Grow? Will it?

ken-kraemerCEO and Founder Ken Kraemer weighed in on where the Snapchat audience growth may come from in the coming years in The Drum. As a Snapchat Creative Partner, Moment Studio sees a variety of brand needs from the platform. Those needs vary, but all revolve around audience growth and performance data.

As competitive platforms adopt look-alike features, the platform’s future will depend on what makes it different.

“There are many different ways both Discover and original content can provide a differentiated experience, and it will drive the value of their Ad products as well. It also is worth noting that the 35+ set on Snapchat is thought to be growing and will drive its future as well,” Ken said.

It should be noted that the user base is slowly beginning to age. “Market research firm, eMarketer estimates that 6.4% of users will be from 45 to 54 years old, over 2 percentage points higher than previously projected,” The Drum notes.

Still, most brands are not looking to reach older audiences on Snapchat. Says Kraemer, “Most of the clients I’m seeing use Snapchat’s ad products have had a specific objective of testing the platform’s compelling effectiveness in reaching young millennials and exploiting their video consumption habits. And that makes sense – only about 20% of the platform’s users are over 35, and most brands’ Snapchat strategies are still in trial modes. They aren’t necessarily running complex multi-segment targeted campaigns.

“Granted this older demo will likely start to grow over time as the content offering in Discover grows – there are some brands with more universal appeal such as Esquire, CNN, etc.”

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