Christina Cooksey Celebrated in AdForum for Achievements in Advertising, Content


Christina Cooksey, Executive Director of Content was featured in AdForum’s coverage honoring the achievements of women in advertising. The interview was part of its observation of International Women’s Day.

Christina reflected on Moment Studio’s culture, the biggest changes she’s seen over time in our industry, and her proudest moments.

Said Christina “Our culture is rooted in creativity, innovation and making. Everyone is a creator in some right, and that really shapes the way we interact and the way we work.

“The advertising creative industry is predominantly male, but at Moment Studio we actually have more female creatives than males. The strong presence of female creators and leaders impacts the culture in a really positive way.

 “The solid representation of female creators and the strong presence of makers of both genders inspires a sense of equality that isn’t often felt in a creative organization. There is a natural curiosity amongst our team, and the gender mix results in an empathy for all target audiences and consumers – ultimately impacting/improving the work we deliver.”

Christina also gave the following words of wisdom to up-and-coming women in the advertising industry, as they pursue content marketing, creative, production and other roles, “The best way to inspire the next generation of women is to recognize and nurture talent. That means hiring for potential and mentoring towards results.

“My best advice: As women in this industry we can’t be afraid to pursue the career we desire and ask for the track we want, but we also need to put in the legwork and be ready to improve based on feedback. Don’t expect time in the industry to result in growth. Demand feedback, be able to critique your own performance and learn/improve every single day. And don’t expect anyone to manage your career for you – take all the help, support, mentorship you can get, but ultimately manage your own success.”

Read the entire interview here: Perspectives: Women in Advertising: Christina Cooksey, Director, Moment Studio