Moment Studio’s Content Marketing Outlook

Content Marketing has grown up, and successful marketers have seen the implications and are taking advantage of them.

Intuitively, the bedrock of social marketing continues to be strong and unyielding: consumers love smart, funny or useful branded content. And that love can translate, funneled properly and with the proper paid media distribution, into all sorts of brand love and business impact: affinity, sales, equity, advocacy, perception shifts.

In an effort to help our clients, colleagues and friends think about the current state of content, distribution, media and social todevelop strategies that impact their business, Moment Studio has developed a concise, pragmatic and useful playbook to make the principles accessible. So we offer the 2017 Content Marketing Outlook.

A few highlights include:

  • The Content Marketing Framework – a wholistic approach to deciding what content to make, when.
  • Foundational Principles – how to look at the fundamentals of content.
  • The state of distribution.
  • Is vertical video dead? Or growing up?

You can view the 2017 Content Marketing Outlook via Slideshare below or download a copy here. If you’d like a hard copy of the outlook, please reach out and we’ll send you a copy.

Every brand challenge is different, and people’s points of view and attitudes are perhaps harder to predict than ever before, particularly in the current political culture. But the state of content marketing is strong, and we offer you the observations in this booklet to help provoke some new thinking when going to market in a perpetually evolving digital culture. Contact Us if you’d like to discuss this outlook or need help thinking about this space more.